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- Author/Jersey Girl Debbie Rigaud.

My forthcoming YA novel 
SIMONE BREAKS ALL THE RULES releases June 1, 2021!

My Story

Hey, there! I'm Debbie, NYTimes Bestselling author who writes for young and young-at-heart readers. Viewers, too!


I was born in NYC to Haitian immigrant parents and before I could say "Theodore Aloysius Huxtable," my family moved from Brooklyn for East Orange, NJ to break from city living. (Ha!)

Our new hood was a magical place. I grew up next door to my cousins and directly across the street from my now husband! Plus, the TV star I spent my tween days imagining as my dream bestie (Alyssa Milano), became my co-author!

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Royal Crushes, Rule Breakers and Lots of HOPE!
Psst...I narrated this one myself!