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Best Wishes: The Sister Switch is an Instant NY Times Bestseller!


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A Girl's Guide To Love & Magic on Kirkus' and
NY Public Library's
Teen Books of 2022 Lists!

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My Story

Hey, there! I'm Debbie, NYTimes Bestselling author who writes for young and young-at-heart readers. Viewers, too!


I was born in NYC to Haitian immigrant parents and before I could say "Theodore Aloysius Huxtable," my family moved from Brooklyn for East Orange, NJ to break from city living. (Ha!)

Our new hood was a magical place. I grew up next door to my cousins and directly across the street from my now husband! Plus, the TV star I spent my tween days imagining as my dream bestie (Alyssa Milano), became my co-author!

Read more about my story here.


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Royal Crushes, Rule Breakers and Lots of HOPE!
Psst...I narrated this one myself!
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