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Simone Breaks All the Rules

by Debbie Rigaud

Kirkus calls this book "a home run": 

Baseball-loving Simone is a wonderfully crafted character. This is a great depiction of Haitian American culture that both affirms and informs.

About the book

Perfect for fans of Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" and Leah Johnson's YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN, this hilarious and heartfelt #ownvoices rom-com from rising star Debbie Rigaud is pure Black girl joy.

It's senior year, and Simone Thibodeaux is ready to shake things up.

Until now, her life has been sealed in a boy-proof container, thanks to her strict Haitian immigrant parents, who enforce no-dating rules and send Simone to an all-girls high school. As for prom? Simone is allowed to go on one condition: Her parents will select her date (a boy from a nice Haitian immigrant family, obviously).


SIMONE is making lists, in more ways than one! 

Check her out on Buzzfeed's 2021's Most Anticipated list

Available for pre order. Have I mentioned that yet? 
Releases June 1, 2021!

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