The most awesome fan art of London Abrams, PERFECT SHOT's sporty main character, illustrated by teen artist extraordinaire Jhenne Tyler. Teens like Jhenne inspired me to populate PERFECT SHOT with aspiring young go-getters. Like London, Jhenne actively pursued her dream, honing her craft at a young age, and today she's a young woman on her way to an enviable career in the arts.

Also by illustrator Jhenne Tyler, a rendering of my toon twin. I always was an animated gal around close friends and family. After comically reacting to the juicy details of office gossip one day, my co-worker/bestie described me as a living cartoon character. Sounds about right. My inner goofball is perhaps what drives me to write humor. What inner persona fuels you?

Who's that girl? Between the fab-u makeup and straight hair, the fam hardly recognized me in these photos.(On top of all the changes, notice the baby bump?) I loved this look! (Thank you, Steve Darrell of Horton Darrell Media!) My niece calls the photo to the left a good LinkedIn profile photo look. I agree. But that begs the question--is curly/coily hair not professional? Hmmm...that doesn't sit well with me. I guess it's a good thing I don't work in the corporate world.

Yup, that's me writing on a pink-sand beach. Now I write facing the Atlanta skyline. Bermuda was a gorgeous place to live. A week after our wedding, the hubby whisked me away to Bermuda where he would be starting a new job. We went knowing not a soul on the island, and six years later, our amazing island-based friends threw us a few Bermudaful goodbye gatherings.

During my time in Bermuda, I met so many dynamic teens and tweens. Teachers and librarians graciously welcomed my class visits, assembly talks and writing workshops. This photo was taken during what became an annual writing workshop at Warwick Academy, one of the oldest school in the Western Hemisphere (they recently celebrated their 350th anniversary!!).

Maybe some of their super success will rub off on me. At left, that's me with the brilliant, award-winning Jacqueline Woodson at Ohio's Westerville Library; below, left, with Meg Cabot at metro Atlanta's Decatur Book Festival; below, right, with Stephanie Meyer in a Dublin, Ireland bookstore.


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