London Abrams likes to spike volleyballs, not wear spike heels. But in one crush-tasic moment, she signs up for a modeling contest to get the attention of its cute photography intern. Instead of getting a call from the intern, she gets a call back from a contest judge. Never in a million years did London expect to get selected as a finalist. Before she knows it, she’s in an online reality show competition against 14 super chic chicks–including her childhood frenemy--and it's all being documented through the cutie's camera lens. Suddenly, London is not so ready for her close-up.


(Check out the book trailer for PERFECT SHOT here!)

OPEN MIC: Riffs on Life Between Cultures in Ten Voices


What closet commedian wouldn't jump at the chance to riff on life as a hyphenated-American? Editor Mitali Perkins set the stage, and I was graciously invited to step up to the mic and contribute my short story "Voila." SMH along with 10 YA authors who don't hold back the funny (or the awkward) as they take you on memorable and moving cross-cultural journeys.

Ten YA authors--including OPEN MIC editor Mitali Perkins--know what it's like to grow up between cultures, and they have a healthy sense of humor about it. Proudly included in this honest collection of short stories, essays, poetry and graphic comics is my story "Voila."

70 Authors Tell Their Stories

Harper Teen

Edited by YA authors Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones, this anthology teams with Children's, MG and YA authors in the fight against bullying. My essay, "Simplehero"--a non-fiction es sayabout how one small, selfless act changed one girl's life--is included.



Broadway Books

A collection of essays about love edited by author Marita Golden, my contriubtion titled “The Heart Does Go On” is a personal story of loss and healing.



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