Truly Madly Royally

 my new YA rom-com from   Scholastic, out now!!

"Readers will root for smart, talented Zora as she navigates the world of the rich; her voice is humorous and her imperfect family is believable.

A light and entertaining tale that also addresses serious real-world topics."



NYT Bestselling book 1 of a new middle grade series I co-authored with Alyssa Milano featuring illustrator Eric Keyes!!

"Voila," Debbie Rigaud's short story about a Haitian American girl taking her grandmother to the "ghetto doctor" (and the tiresome teenagers who are there as volunteers) is rendered in beautiful language and tender sentiment.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Rigaud has fun with miscommunication up until the very end, both lamenting and finding humor in

people’s ignorance.

Omphaloskepsis blog



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London Abrams likes to spike volleyballs, not wear spike heels. But in one crush-tasic moment, she signs up for a modeling contest to get the attention of its cute photography intern. Never in a million years did London expect to get selected as a finalist. Before she knows it, she’s in an online reality show competition against 14 super chic chicks–including her childhood frenemy.

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